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Hole decking is a system where the explosives in a blast pattern is layered in the blast holes to achieve a certain powder factor. The blasting TULIP that we sell is simply the easiest most effective way to achieve decking of explosives at the bottom of the blast hole.

Using this alternative blasting method in conjunction with the blasting tulip has the effect that the blast dynamics change radically from the conventional way of blasting in the following way:

1) The 'tulip' introduces the "Less is more" principle to the sience of blasting where the idea has always been that in order to get better fragmentation one would need to increase the powder factor (add more explosives...)

Instead of putting more energy into the blasthole, using the tulip system allows us to optimize energy usage more effectively where it's needed most - namely at the bottom of the hole. This means that more often than not - the powder factor can be reduced in stead of being increased.

2) Upon detonation of the blasthole the tulip plug creates  a void which now becomes the 'path of least resistance'. This alters the first movement in the blasthole to be downwards rather than upwards as in a conventionally charged blast hole.

These basic but crucial differences make a world of difference to the outcome of the blast. It literally affects the whole operation from the Mine to Mill.

Explosive Charge

blast dynamics change



For optimal fragmentation results it is very important that the booster is placed not more than 300mm 
away from the top of the Tulip.


The stemming on the plug equals 1 x Hole Diameter

Bottom hole Deck

The depth of the deck is determined by varying the length of the stick according to the geology.

Desired floor level

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